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The Association of Scottish Games and Festivals (ASGF) provides its member organizations with a clearinghouse of ideas, resources, and information to assist them in the production of Highland Games throughout the United States.

Founded in 1981, ASGF adopted their logo using the thistle and St Andrew's Cross to reflect their Scottish heritage, while the chain surrounding the shield is composed of 15 links - one for each of the charter members.

ASGF is committed to the fundamental purpose of cooperation for the betterment of each of its members through sharing experiences and providing counsel. Additionally, the ASGF provides a forum for representatives of other Scottish cultural activities. At each meeting, outside representatives from Scottish groups such as the Pipe Band Association, Scottish Clans & Societies, Highland Dance organizations, Tartan and Geneaology experts, Heavy Athletics, and others are invited to participate by exchanging information and cooperating to solve issues or to create opportunities for improvement.

The annual meeting alternates throughout the United States for the convenience of its widespread membership. The Presidency of the ASGF likewise rotates biennally from East to West. Location and date of each annual meeting is set by the Executive Board. Every member Games is strongly encouraged to underwrite the cost of sending a representative to the annual meeting as a proven, worthwhile investment in the future of their event.

All member organizations must have their general purpose of furthering of the culture, heritage, and traditions of Scotland. To this end, they must represent a Scottish games or festival that includes some aspects of Scottish culture, heritage, or traditions through offering competitions or demonstrations. Membership in the ASGF is necessary in order to qualify for the ASGF member benefits.