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Since the United States Congress gave all Americans an official Tartan Day on April 6th, it behooves those of us with a drop or two of Scottish blood to take full advantage of the opportunity to share our cultural heritage in a positive manner with our local communities. Perhaps, give a bit of publicity along the line and promote our Highland Games and Heritage Festivals.

Many individual states had Tartan Days on their own calendars, but an effort was put forth to get a National Day adopted. April 6th was chosen because it is the anniversary of the declaration of Scottish Independence at Abroath Abbey in 1320. A line from that document is often quoted and has great appeal to the American psyche.

"for we fight not for glory, no riches, no honours, but for freedom alone,
which no good man gives up except with his life."

It was hoped that the adoption of a National Tartan Day would promote observances that would commemorate all the best in Scottish history and development of the United States. The organizations referred to ast eh Scottish Coalition were especially instrumental in succussfully promoting this effort. They stand ready to assist local organizations in obtaining information to use in promoting and observing Tartan Day each year.


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